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We do All the Work, You Earn 90% of the Referral Commission

There are NO Annual Membership dues or Fees

Join This exciting Referral Agency and Start Earning

By joining CRA, you can participate in the real estate industry without quitting your job and without paying MLS dues, desk fees, association dues, or membership fees of any kind.

When you join the CRA division of Prentice Realty, you as a Referral Agent, you refer family, friends, and colleagues to CRA - regardless of whether they are buying or selling a home, investment property, land, or commercial property.

We then provide a top-rated, full-service real estate company to give them the most experienced and professional real estate transaction possible. Then, after each closing, Prentice Realty will pay you 90% of the negotiated referral commission.

Here's an actual example of a Referral Agents deal that closed.

$12,937 Selling Agents Broker Commission ($17,250 less the 25% referral fee).

$4,312 25% Referral Fee to referring broker.

$3,881 Referring Agents Check. You keep 90%.

All this agent did was activate her Real Estate License by signing with the CRA division of Prentice Realty.

We find the recipient agent, negotiate the referral fee, fill out the RFA form and get the signature of the recipient broker, and when after this deal closed escrow, and we received the check from the recipient broker, we sent the Referring Agent a check in the amount of $4096.88 within one business day..

Become part of this exciting professional opportunity without the expense and stress of being a full time agent.

Our Agency is your opportunity to create income from your now dormant but valuable license.

The only requirement is that you have a current real estate license, you are not active with a real estate company, you keep your license in good standing with the DRE, and you conduct yourself in a professional manner

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