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Agent Tools

  • Need help with business cards... We have an account withVistaprintto make it easy.
  • Our preferred sign makers can make a personalized yard sign with your picture, name and other desired information. They provide the discounted price for agents, have the different templates, posts and other inventory you may need.
  • You can also use any sign producers and sign designers if you prefer, but just remember our company logo and website must be visible.
  • Access to the most frequently used forms, documents, disclosures, policies, checklists, contracts and other useful material.
  • Agents may receive a referral fee or some other sort of compensation from another broker. PR will charge a 10% of the total referral or compensation fee.
  • All agents receive an email "name"@prentice-realty.com. We are happy to redirect it to your favorite email program, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc... or you can use outlook, thunderbird or login to our server directly.
  • 24/7 support submission to support@prentice-realty.com

C.A.R. MemberLegal Hotline 213-739-8282 gives agents the opportunity to briefly talk to a C.A.R. attorney

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