When you are ready to purchase a home, it makes sense to negotiate from the strongest position possible. In the real estate market, sellers demand proof of buyer's ability to perform. Professional Realtor's and Brokerages require their clients be pre-approved before they actually show them properties. The vast majority of Purchaser's today go about the process entirely wrong, putting themselves at an overwhelming disadvantage! Let's look at this from the Sellers perspective for a moment. If you were the Seller and wanted to sell your home, and time is always of the essence, would you accept an offer without Certificate of Financing Approval or be more inclined to negotiate your price and terms with an already pre-approved buyer. The answer is obvious. Why then, do so many buyers wait to start the financing until after they have found the home? What I have found is that savvy buyers usually get pre-approved to strengthen their negotiating edge and move quickly on the property once they find it. An unapproved buyer loses the edge in negotiating and beating other buyers to the good deals.