Money-Saving Glossary

Moving companies have a host of terms for the details of handling household goods. A Short Glossary Accessorial service. Packing, unpacking and services other than transportation. Advanced charges. Fees paid for services performed by others. They're added to the moving bill. Bill of lading. The document for shipping goods. Claim. The written statement requesting reimbursement for a lost or damaged item. contract number. Identifying number of a shipment. It's found on the order for service and the bill of lading. Consignee. The person at the destination receiving goods shipped by someone else. Delivery spread. The period when a mover will deliver household goods. Destination agent. The agent who will provide services at the destination. Flight charge. An accessorial charge -- for moving goods up flights of stairs. Freight bill. The amount indicating the actual cost of the move. Gross weight. Total weight of the van and the shipment. Line haul. The transportation portion of the move. Order for service. The document the customer signs authorizing the movement of goods. Origin agent. The agent responsible for the packing and loading of goods. Pickup spread. The period during which the mover will pick up goods. Storage-in-transit (SIT). Temporary storage of household goods for not more than 90 days. Tare weight. Weight of the van before loading. Tariff. Price schedule on file with the Interstate Commerce Commission. Valuation. The value the customer places on the goods when releasing them to the carrier.