Minimize The Worries Of Moving

Relocation can be a time of extreme stress for you and your family. Such stress can easily spill over to your performance on a new job assignment. But here's the good news: Relocation stress can be managed -- whittled down to tolerable size -- vastly increasing the chances that the relocation will be a complete success. Here are some of the leading stress-producers in the move, and ways in which we help solve them: Anxiety about leaving familiar surroundings. We counsel potential transferees on the advantages of moving to the new location. Early on, we address their immediate concerns: problems and methods of selling homes, moving, and buying homes. This broad overview of the relocation process gets you focused on what's ahead -- instead of what's being left behind.

Fear of the unknown. - Our relocation kit gives your family the specifics about the new community -- its homes (prices, taxes, probable settlement costs, etc.), schools, transportation, shopping, recreational and cultural facilities, medical and other services as needed. The presentation of real facts makes the transferee less apprehensive.

Deadline panic. - For many, the time frame for a move seems too short. But we can help by coordinating the closings and move dates, expediting the sale of the present home, arranging for temporary housing and the storage of household goods if needed. Plus we can reduce house-hunting time through advance search of available properties.

Housing worries. - Worries over the sale of your present home and the financing of a new home can cause stress. Our home-sale and purchase expertise helps to minimize those concerns. For outbound families, we help determine probable price ranges for your home, make a realistic estimate of the equity anticipated, and refer you to a top-notch affiliate in your destination area. When it comes to the purchase of the new home here, we help out-of-town buyers find the most suitable home and the most desirable financing in our area.

Personal conflicts. - Conflicts in a relocation can arise from many sources -- a mismatch with a real estate agent, domestic storms over the spouse's need to find a new job, a teens concern about finding friends. We can help minimize these concerns by providing area counselling and community tours, suggesting employment sources for spouses, and being sensitive to the special needs of children, elders and others involved in the move.

Summing up. - For a good move, move first against stress.