Entice Buyers

Options That Entice Today's Buyers

If you're selling in today's market, you have to make your house outshine the competition. Buyers can afford to be choosy, and they're most likely to choose your house if it offers something special. Here are 12 ways to make sure you land a "Sale, Sweet Sale." A Spoonful Of Sugar

  1. Reimburse buyer the cost of points. This is often a double benefit for buyers, who save both on the points themselves and on their federal taxes. The IRS now allows buyers to deduct the cost of seller-paid points as a Schedule A mortgage expense.
  2. Price your home below comparable properties. Prove your home's good value by having an appraisal done and setting the price below the appraised amount.
  3. Offer a warranty. Purchase a buyer's home warranty to protect against future problems.
  4. Help with closing costs. Cash-poor buyers concerned more with out-of-pocket costs than monthly payments will especially appreciate this one.
  5. Consider financing help. Provide seller financing or buy down the buyer's mortgage rate for the first year.
  6. Help with utilities. Pay some or all estimated utilities for 6 or 12 months.
  7. Help with fees. Pay a year's condominium or homeowners association fees. /li>
  8. Pre-pay memberships. Buy a one-year pool or community golf club membership, cable TV subscription, or other recreational activity.
  9. Consider a moving allowance. Pay the buyer's documented moving expenses, or provide an allowance toward moving costs.
  10. Beat them to window treatments. Offer redecorating cash for new carpet or drapes.
  11. Mow down any objections. Buy a lawn-maintenance service for a year, or offer a riding mower if the lot is large.
  12. Give them a dock on the bay. If you live in a waterfront community, offer to rent a boat slip for a year. Call on us for more ideas of ways to make your home the sweetest one on the market. We'll create a customized marketing program to help get your home sold in any market!